SLow Carb Diet (SCD)

Here’s a new entry on Tim’s blog in regards to SCD.

Check it out.



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Disaster strikes again…

So…today would be the start of week 3.

The month of June has been disastrous thus far. I threw my back out again last Wednesday playing baseball. It all happened when I was up to bat. I took an awkward swing hard as hell and zing…back done.

Man this sucks.

I thought I’d be swimming laps, running, and biking to work by now. Instead I’m just hobbling around, trying not to hurt myself some more.

Maybe I’ll try acupuncture this week.

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Haven’t weighed myself since day 1 or 2…

Last week my back was jacked and this week my feet are jacked.

I went out to Billy Bowlegs, which is pretty much like Mardi Gras on the water in these parts. Google it, I’m sure there are hell pictures out there.

Anyways, I stepped on an anchor and sliced one foot open and after jumping for my life from a jet ski to a dock, I took a pretty big gash out of the other.

So I have another week of non working out ahead of me…which sucks.

Haven’t really hit up the interwebs on the 4HB, but it seems like it’s died down a bit.

As for the whole 4HWW portion of this 4HL, I’ve been working on a few things. Partnered with my friend to create a website, that probably won’t be the next big thing, but hopefully does something and I’m in the process of designing a iPhone case.

I’ll have more details about that as I get more into it. Right now I’m just pretty much learning as I go.

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Days 1 and 2

I decided to start another goal for the month of June. That goal was to be under 200 lbs in 30 days.

I was going to go about it with some slow carbing and exercise.

I was pretty pumped about the whole thing. Got the groceries, was looking forward to hitting up the gym…all that stuff…

Day 1

I wake up and my lower back is killing me…I weigh in…220 lbs. I end up eating a slow carb breakfast and head off to work. My back is still killing me. I end up going home for lunch and my back hurts so much, I just lay on the floor. I pretty much just laid there the rest of the day until I went to bed…WTF

Day 2

Back is sore, but manageable. I weigh in 218 lbs. cool. I’m still on day 2 and the back is acting up some more. I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted during lunch it feels aight…

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this is starting to become a chronic thing. I checked the interwebs for some lower back stretches and have been doing them through out the day and so far nothing has changed.

I’ve been avoiding the Doc because I thought I could get this taken care of without surgery, but it’s looking like this might be my next option.

2lbs lost so far though…I hope my back quits acting a fool tomorrow.


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Holy hell…

Look at all the cobwebs in here!

So, I took a little hiatus…

Today’s weight 215 LBS

I’ve been slacking like a mofo…for the most part I’ve been slow carbing it here and there, that kinda stuck.

But…I have also been eating whatever…nothing like whole pizzas and a bag of doritos and shit…more like sandwiches, rice, tortillas, chips, and some fruits…

I can’t remember the last time I ate fast food though…unless you want to count the falafels and stuff I ate at Hangout Fest…which was awesome by the way.

I’ve been staying active…nothing that’s considered actually working out though. It’s been more like playing baseball, skating, and riding my Mnt Bike around.

So memorial weekend officially kicks of the start of summer I guess…and with that I’m going to try and kickoff another 30 days of rapid fat loss.

My goal this time is to get under 200 lbs…AND…to get a lil swole.

My plan…Slow carb it up, starting swimming, lifting weights, and run more.

I found some trails through the woods around my house, so I’m thinking that might be my new running grounds. I’m not a fan of running around big ass tracks 50 times. I like to just cruise, then cruise my but back to the house.

well…sorry for the slackin…I think I’m going to aim for starting this new challenge on the 31st.

How’s everyone else coming along? hit me up…

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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Getting cool to lose weight

We’ve all dived into 4HB and read about the ice bath thing to augment fat loss.

Check out this TEDMED video, cause we all like video.

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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Sugar the bitter truth…ha…I see what you did there.

Check out this video

Oh…I forgot to mention it’s long as shit and full of not so funny jokes.

BUT it has a good message.

If you’ve been reading 4HB then you know about the neg effects of sugar.

I know since I’ve started the slow carb diet and started reading the ingredient labels on things, sugar is in EVERYTHING…from sugar cubes (who knew) to McCormick chili mix.

He even goes into talking about how the whole burning of calories is BS.

A good watch\learn if you have some time.

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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