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I started reading 4HB last night and the first chapter was pretty interesting.

Most books start with page one and go form there, but that is not the case with 4HB. The book is broken down in to different goals and there are corresponding chapters that go with each goal. The cool thing about it, if I accomplish one goal, I can pick another one and BOOM, it’s like a new book.

The rest of this chapter pretty much breaks down to this:

– Tim spent some good time and money experimenting (on himself)
– Diets work to a point
– Rich people get super cures
– FDA sucks
-Docs don’t get to do OG research cause it doesn’t pay the bills
-Big gains can be achieved with little work.
– Yadda yadda

There were also some concepts introduce in this chapter, which are also found in The 4-Hour Workweek.

Aight then, so I’m done with my little not so in-depth review of the first chapter and I have come to a decision on what my first goal will be.

Rapid Fat-Loss

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