Day 5 AND it’s Friday!

What’s up party people!?!

Today is day 5 of my experiment on the slow carb diet. I purchased the 4HB the day it was released and I decided I was going to go the route of “Rapid Fat Loss.”

I started the slow carb diet on Jan 3rd and guess how many pounds I have lost since then???

7.4 lbs!!!

I don’t know if this is all water weight and whatnot, but I have been drinking hella water prescribed by TF. I think the craziest thing about this is that I haven’t exercised worth a shit.

So what have I been eating the past couple of days?

Proteins: Legumes (Lentils, Black Beans, Red Beans,Italian green beans ), Chicken Breast, Steak, Hotdogs (deff not a super healthy choice), Jerky

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Spinach (Canned and Fresh), Cucumber, Napa cabbage, Spring mix salad, Radish

Other: Sugar free Jello, Salsa (The brand I bought sucks!), Diff seasonings, Italian dressing, Multi Vitamin

You may be asking…How did you go about eating all this crap? And this is how a typical day went for me.

Breakfast (0700-0900): Two Eggs (Scrambled or Fried), 1 serving of legumes, 1 serving of veggies

Lunch (1100-1300): Steak or Chicken, 1 serving of spring mix or a serving of veggies, 1 serving of legumes

Dinner (1630-2000): Steak or Chicken, 1 serving of veggies, 1 serving of legumes


I tried to throw some salsa into my eggs in the morning, but the salsa I bought was pretty crappy, so every now and then I’d throw in some Picante or Siracha. I would also season the eggs with salt\pepper and sometimes smoked paprica.

For the veggies…

The canned spinach was pretty gross unless I sprinkled some Tony’s on it. I think in the future I’ll stick to fresh spinach and either eating it raw or sauteing it. For the broccoli and cauliflower I bought those steamer type deals and would sprinkle a little Tony’s on those. The cucumber, napa cabbage, and radish, I ate all those in a form of kimchi. There’s a korean store in town and I usually buy those freshly premade from them. Kimchi has been a staple eat in my house ever since I lived in Korea for a year. I didn’t like the shit at first, but now I’ve grown to love it and cook\eat out Korean all the time. I just found this site Maangchi in which she has some pretty good videos and recipes. A lot of them call for sugar or honey in which I guess you can go “lite aka light” or just omit it without changing the flavor too much.

For the legumes…

Black beans I just bought in the can. I stuck to the Goya brand cause that’s what I’m used to and they seem to be cheaper then the other brands. For the lentils, I used the Progresso lentil soup and just drained the “soup” out. I was lucky enough to get some left over Cajun style red beans with sausage AND that shit was good with some scrambled eggs.

For the meats…

The steak I seasoned with a little Adobo, salt\pepper, Italian dressing and the chicken I marinated in Mojo.

There you go…pretty simple.

Damn I’ve written a lot! I’ll try to get on here and post more specifics as to what I’m doing and the culinary prowess I use to make bomb ass food.

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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2 Responses to Day 5 AND it’s Friday!

  1. Kanipshit says:

    Hey, I like the blog man. I am also trying the 4HB, and I too started a blog about my experience with it. I had the same issue with the spinach, but I kept trying to incorporate it into my diet because it is so valuable to the program (packed with slow-carb benefits). What I started doing is buying a bag of frozen chopped spinach and mixing my meals together (i.e. chicken black beans vegies chopped spinach and salsa). This makes you taste it less but still get all teh benefits of it.

    Check out my blog and tell me what you think!

    Good luck!

    • Thomas says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’m glad to see someone is reading this…ha

      My solution for the spinach was to just buy fresh and prep in diff variations.

      Check out this link for a cool recipe.

      There’s this Korean place I go to and she makes this spinach salad type deal that is bomb, once I figure it out, I’ll be eating it all day.

      Other than that when I’m too lazy I just stuff a hand full in my mouth and chew away while I’m prepping my eggs and stuff.

      I’ll deff try the frozen stuff though.

      Thanks for the comment!

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