Day 8: After the Cheat

Ahhh Mondays….you suck…

Anyone catch Marshawn Lynch running over the whole Saints DEF…awesome

So I had my first cheat day and I didn’t really pig out as much as I thought I would. I think it was a combo of waking up late, being busy, and watching the football games.

I woke up Saturday weighing in at  222 lbs, which means I lost about 7 pounds from when I started on Monday. Cool.

After planning on pigging the eff out, I actually didn’t really pig out…here’s how my day went.

Waffle House All Star…cheese in the grits and an extra sausage patty.

Didn’t really each lunch at this time but I did eat a cupcake.

Calzone at Mellow Mushroom.

Hunter Sausage
Chips with French Onion dip.

Now that I look back on it, my cheat day was pretty lame.

I woke up Sunday morning and weighed myself first thing…226.6…I gained 4 lbs, kind of crazy considering that was just one day supposedly eating out of control for my cheat day. Then I got to thinking…damn I used to eating like that everyday…A normal day of consuming garbage actually would have blown my cheat day out of the water.

But not to fret…After getting back to slow carbing on Sunday, I woke up today, ate breakfast, and weighed myself…224.6 lbs.

Using the calorie counter app and paying mind to what I’m actually eating puts a lot of things into perspective and the main thing was my largeness…I know I’m not super obese, but I’m thinking “Damn, I’ve been feeding myself shit” and not just a normal serving of shit…I’m talking about feeding small villages in Africa caloric type shit.

I’m glad I’m partaking in this journey\experiment. Testing my strength and wheel power. Man I’m 30, going onto 31 soon, I need to be on top of my game if I want to pursue the 4 Hour Lifestyle AND enjoy it.

Last night my girlfriend and I took our measurements and here they are.

Measurements a week into 4HB\Slow Carbing

Neck: 16 1/2″
Chest: 43″
Arms: R 15″, L 14″
Waist: 43″
Hips: 44″
Thigh: 24″

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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