In the midst of week 2

Week two…hmmm, where do I start?

I guess I’ll go with my food strategy.

So in week one I was eating legumes, protiens, and veggies. I was kind of testing the waters to see if I could handle the diet and by handle mean, not get bored of the shit and lapse into eating straight crap.

In the beginning, legume wise, I was switching it up between lentils, dark red kidney beans, and black beans. I tried eating them plain, but it was just that…plain, so I had to come up with a fix action.

Guess what I did…I combined the super powers of various legumes to create a concoction of great magnificence!

For you mere mortals I’ll just put it like this…I made a all bean chili (with a pinch of bacon).

It was based of this recipe, in which I added some bacon, for MAD FLAVA.

I think this chili is pretty money, it had 3 kinds of beans, some veggies and you can go low sodium with all of it.

I don’t like my chili soupy…so if you don’t like yours that way, add the liquids slowly until you get the heartyness\soupyness factor you want.

Onto the strategy…

I make big ass amount of super legume chili. Stick in tupper ware. Heat up a bowl of chili to consume with every meal.


As for the rest of it…protein and veggies as needed.

Right now I’m at 222.2, which seems to be a little wall for me. I’m hoping to get under 220 this week, so I have to look at what I’m doing…

I don’t recall TF mentioning portion control, but I’m sure he didn’t mean “Eat a big ass steak and a pound of beans every meal.”


Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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