Day 11, Baby it’s cold outside

Holy crap it’s cold outside! And I live in Florida, apparently the only state in the good ol USA that hasn’t received snow. I still call BS on this weather…shit is killing me…unless…

I use this cold weather as a way to experiment with TF’s cold therapy to activate fat burning fats and become lean and mean, by stripping down to my boxers and taking my dog for a walk…hmmm

Enough of that mess, my ass is staying inside Netflixing the shit out of something. I weighed myself this morning and now I’m at 222.

Am I going to be able to break under 220 this week? So far it’s not looking so good…I’ve stuck to the slow carb and I cut my portions down, so I’m hoping I hit it before my cheat day.

Maybe my lazy ass just needs to do some minimal type of exercise…

Ran out of my every meal super bean chili today at lunch, so I gots to get some beans!

Good Hunting

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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