Broke 220…Eff Yeah!

First off It’s Friday…W00t!

Yesterday I was talking about how I can’t seem to break under 220…

Today I came in at…drum roll…219.2

Effin sweet!

So the theory I have to how I finally did it was…portion control…

I’ve been following the slow carb and eating the combo of protein, legumes, veggies. The thing is, I was eating pretty big portions, especially when it came to proteins. So I found myself wondering why I couldn’t break 220. Which looking at it, losing 7 pounds in two weeks isn’t bad, but I’m aiming for 5 a week.

The adjustment I decided on going with was portion control. I didn’t sit there and measure the shit out, I just eye balled it. This is how my inter dialogue went…

Hmm…I’m starvin marvin, this is looking good…(makes plate)…I could use another one of these and some more of that…Naw dude…quit BS’in…you got enough…Eat what you got and house some water…

So what is my tip for you, if you’re battling your inner self? Cook enough for that one meal (if you’re cooking every meal). That way you can’t grab more.

I dunno…I’m now expert, but in the end it comes down to kicking your own ass

Have a good weekend

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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