The day after a mini cheat (Day 18)

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided that I was going to eat good, for diner, but not super pig out.

I started the day at 218.2, which was pretty cool, and I went about my day eating my normal slow carb diet. Then dinner came…

I didn’t go crazy with dinner, my friends and I went to this place downtown called Big City Bistro. It’s a chill spot that serves fancy food, fancy to me at least.

So what did I have?

Spinach Salad
Lamb Ribs, in a corn and black bean kinda deal
Cheese cake

And at a bar down the street…

Two Abita Andygators

That’s it.

So this morning I go about my normal routine. 2 scrambles eggs, raw spinach, chili,  multi vitamin. Take a shower and weigh my self in the buck.


Holy crap…Just eating that for dinner and I gained almost 2 pounds. Shit is serious. I’m not a scientific expert, but it leaves me to think…Geez I didn’t even super pig out and stuff, at least not by my terms, and I gained some weight.

So here I am 31 and back to the grind.

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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