4HB – Corrections and Goodies

I don’t know if any of you follow TF on twitter\blog\facebook, but he just put up a new post with corrections and what not.

My review of all this…

If you bought the book here’s links to all the resources and tools in 4HB.

Here’s a link to bonus material and chapters.

And here’s a link to clarifications on the slow carb diet.

As for the points TF makes in his post…

I’m totally with him about not posting crap for errbody…the book is about experimentation. If you have to ask or something isn’t working…either don’t do it or change it up.

Charging for a forum…WTF…really is this the internet circa 1999?

I’m sure there’s free forum options out there…I mean shit…if my lil blog pops off a little bit I might get some server space and make a Four Hour Life page with forum.

In the end. People are dumb…ha…On the for real though, a lot of people need someone to hold their hand and show them what’s up…that’s just the way it is…so a forum for said people or for a community is needed…AND at the price of FREE 99!

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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