This shit is blowing my mind!

Happy Friday! I like Fridays…not love, cause I still have to go to work, but like.

Today the 4HB-slow carb-eating right-ation blew my mind. After a mini cheat day I gained almost 2 pounds. I was a little discouraged, but kept to the diet and BOOM…

I go about my routine and then hop on the scale


Nice. My goal for this Saturday was to weigh-out and hit around 215. With the mini cheat night I thought I blew it, but it looks like I’m right on track.

My girlfriend had been battling the weight fluctuation also, but I think it was mostly because she doesn’t have a weigh in routine and was adhering to the slow carb closely. I know she added more protein and a cut back on some things and it seems as if it’s working out for her.

You might be asking…”Yo Thomas what are you babbling about?”

I guess I’m just trying to say this. Don’t let a miniscule set back throw you off. If you stick to the right and simple thing, you’ll be back on track.

Be easy 4hB’ers

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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