Day 24…Some info and ramblings

My weight today 215

As I hit the interwebs and checked up on my RSS feeds I see that TF posted a lil article about getting noticed in big media or something.

I wasn’t too interested in any of that cause I haven’t really done anything important to get noticed by big media. Maybe when I release my teleportation\laundry folding machine next month I’ll heed to his advice.

The reason I’m mentioning this is cause there’s excerpts from when he was on Dr. Oz.

I’m not too familiar with Dr. Oz. What I do know is that he was a Dr. on Oprah’s show and now has his own.

Anyways…to those who didn’t see the show, like myself, I’ll provide a link to TF blog so you can check them out.

I watched the clips and thought…cool…but then I was thinking about the binge day part.

I don’t drink grapefruit juice and I don’t do any mini exercises pre meals, yet I have lost 15lbs so far.

Am I superhuman? More than likely yes, but to the defense of my non super humaness…I didn’t really eat that well before, so any little change into the healthy was good for me.

Well, I have a couple more days to reach my 20lbs lost goal, which is only about 5 more pounds…will I make it?

Stay tuned…

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body
Dr. Oz excerpts
Dr. Oz Show

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