Post 30…The Final Weigh In

Dum dum duuummm….

Title sounds like a good movie….

So I woke up today to no power. Good thing it’s not freezing ass cold here on the Panhandle. It’s cold, just not freezing arse cold.

So I stuck to my slow carb yesterday…mostly. I was playing poker with my homies and had a couple non breaded hot wings and a PBR. It was to comfort me of the slaying of a bad beat I took (boat beat by a boat acquired on the river).

Needless to say I woke up today going about my routine. There was no power so I didn’t eat breakfast, but once the power came back on, I was running late to work so I said eff it.

Shower. Weigh in. 212.2 lbs

Holy crap. A pound in a day and 17 lbs over all. This slow carb shit I money.

There you go people. My everything eating non exercising self, dug in for 30 days and lost 17 mutha effin pounds.

Was it hard to do? Nope

Did eating good cost and arm and a leg? Nope

Did the food taste like crap and left me hungry all day? Nope

Over all I feel great. I can’t wait till I get back from my snowboarding trip and I can start the 30 days 2.0 with exercise…-200 lbs…here I come!

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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