Back to the grind…Day 1 2.0

I’m back from my trip.

Vermont was pretty awesome. There was fresh pow and Smuggs\Stowe provided good terrain to shred.

I also hit up Burton HQ and got to check out their operation and they hooked me up with a demo board to ride (sweet). Burton’s work environment is pretty bad ass. Everyone was laid back and there were dogs everywhere. Outside they had jibs,  a bowl, mini ramp and all types of obstacles setup around the compound.

All in all I had an awesome trip!

So where did I leave off on the fat loss\slow carb diet before I went on a 5 day hiatus?

On my last weigh in (Feb 2) I was 212.2 lbs.

I totally did not follow the slow carb whilst I was on my ultimate shred bowl vacay. How could I. With the Majic Hat brewery, Ben & Jerry’s, Cider doughnuts, UFC grubbin and, Super Bowl going on…I was an ultimate super awesome 5 cheat day extravaganza.

How did I fare weight wise through the bombardment of munchies and good shit?

Today I woke up and followed my normal routine. Slow carb breakfast, water, multi vitamin, shower and finally weigh in…

220.2 lbs

I gained 8 lbs…geez…I’m sure if I wasn’t shredding for 5 hours a day, 3 days in a row, I’d probably would have been back at my starting weight. Shit is crazy…

And that is why I’m back with another 30 day fat loss regiment. This time I plan on working out and getting a little stricter with my diet.

I’m looking forward to posting more pics and videos of me doing my thing and hopefully hooking you guys up with some ideas.

Look me up on twitter @fourhourlife to check out some of my real time posts and pics and all around tomfoolery.

Here are some pics from the Ultimate Shred Bowl vacay.


Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body
Ben & Jerry’s
Majic Hat Brewery

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