Day 2: Part 2

Now on to day two of the quest to burning maximum fat!

I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up some groceries for the week. Since I was out of town over the weekend, I didn’t get to go and do my normal food shopping or finding low prices and running around to find cool shit.

So here’s a little break down of what I bought.

1Lb of ground beef
A pack of 3 chicken breasts
A pack of 3 sirloin steaks
1 Pork loin
1 Package of baby spinach
1 Package of mixed salad
3 Bags of assorted frozen veggies
2 Cans of black beans
2 Can of Progresso Lentil soup
1 Dozen eggs

If you look in the pic. You can see that I also bought some Goya Sofrito, Recaito, and Chipotle Mojo. These items you can buy once and use to flava your food for future meals. This was my first time buying the Chipotle Mojo, and I had a chicken breast marinated in it today for lunch and I have to say it was pretty delish.

My receipt read about 52 bucks, but I also purchased a pack of batteries which ran about $10. I know I probably could have gotten super green organic hippy food, but where I live we don’t have good access to all that stuff, so the Walmart\Publix basic stuff will do and has proven to be fine.

Now for prep.

I pretty much take all the meats out of the packaging and add a marinade. And I de-can (ha) the beans and lentils and add them to tupperware. I like to add a spoonful of Sofrito to the lentils and Recaito to the black beans.

After its all done it looks like this.

I throw it in the fridge and boom…I got food for days!

I like the change it up every week, but I do stick with some staples.

Beans, Eggs, Baby Spinach, and Salad.

I like to change the meats around, depending on what’s on sale, or what I’m craving. As for condiments and stuff. Sometimes I throw some salsa on things, or I’ll drizzle a little salad dressing on stuff, but not a lot. And I have hella seasonings, cause I like my shit with mad flava.

Oh…and today I weighed in 216.6 lbs…dope

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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