Day 3: A look into a days meal

Yesterday was my second day or my part 2 saga to fat loss.

I took some pics of what I bought for the week and gave some info into how I prepped.

Today I’m going to post some pics of how I turned it all into exquisite gourmet slow carb eats.

First we have breakfast.

As you can see I made a little omelet (with two eggs). What you can’t see is the sauteed mushrooms and spinach that I threw in there. I can’t tell you what all went into the sauteed veggies cause it was some stuff I found in a tupperware. It’s probably from something my girlfriend whipped up and I thought it would be bomb in my omelet. And it was.

I also scooped a portion of black beans con sofrito, and baby spinach with a tiny bit of some sort of Greek salad dressing…another find in the fridge.

All in all a pretty good breakfast.

Now for lunch.

For lunch I cooked up some chipotle mojo chicken on a skillet and threw it on top of a mixed greens salad, with a tiny bit of southwestern dressing, and a spoon full of salsa.


Now for the masterpiece…Dinner!

For dinner I cooked up some regular mojo chicken on the iron skillet (I love that thing), mixed some baby spinach with the mix greens salad, and tossed it with some Italian dressing. There’s also some of my famous black beans con sofrito, and half a avocado.

Shit looks fancy huh?

My girlfriend was making fun of me, cause when I cook, I baste the chicken like I’m painting it and I present it all nice and neat…which is funny considering I’m pretty messy with everything else.

So there you go…A day in a week of meals.

Slow carb doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass AND it tastes great!

weigh in for today… 213.0 lbs

Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body

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6 Responses to Day 3: A look into a days meal

  1. Mike Stenger says:

    Aren’t you pretty hungry still? You could eat lots more beans and a bit more meat. Also, breakfast should be at least 30 grams of protein. Then again, maybe you are getting full. Just would hate for your metabolism to change where you either stay about the same or gain weight.

    • Thomas says:

      First…Thanks for the comment!

      As for being hungry…The meals have pretty much kept my hunger at bay. Every now and then I’ll feel a little hungry, but it’s nothing some water or just waiting for it to pass doesn’t solve.

      As for the breakfast, I knew I wasn’t consuming the full 30 grams, but I lost 17 lbs on the first 30 days. I was thinking about adding some sort of protien drink, but they all looked like they had a bunch of crap in them.

      At first my portions were bigger but I found myself hitting walls in weight loss. Once I adjusted my portions to smaller ones, I was dropping weight on the regular.

    • Nick Momrik says:

      I agree with Mike here. By only using 2 eggs you’re probably only getting about 15g of protein with the other foods there as well. But like Tim says, it’s finding out what works for you. I realized I wasn’t getting enough protein for breakfast so I increased this week and it seems to be paying off so far.

      • Thomas says:

        Good stuff.

        I was using MyFitnessPal to enter what I was eating and it put me in the 20g range for breakfast.

        I think if I start hitting a point where I’m not losing anymore weight I’ll up my protein intake.

        I remember in the book when Tim was talking about his dad hitting a wall and that was his recommendation to him.

        How much weight have you lost so far?

  2. Suzie says:

    You need more beeeaaaannnssss!!!! Congrats for losing 17lbs already though!

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