What the PAGG?

I’m sure if your reading my little blog here, you’ve also read 4HB.

No one has asked me any questions about PAGG, which is cool, cause I don’t really know anything about it.

I got hit up on my twitter account a couple days ago to check out the PAGG Stack, which I’ll probably eventually do at some point.

And if you hit up FourHourBodyCouple they have a little excerpt on the PAGG stack.

So what’s my opinion on all this?

I like to believe I’m an old school kind of guy.

Back when I was in the Air Force a lot of my buddies and I used to hit up the gym and do the whole get swole thing. Some of them would take all types of supplements, pills, and drink crazy shit along their quest.

I remember dabbling in ripped fuel and xynodrene (sp?) back when these had to good stuff in it…Yeah I dropped some weight…and yeah they might have gotten a little swole…but really?

As much crap as they were taking in, they should have been Hercules and shit.

We can argue for days about how they were dosing wrong or something, but in the end, every day guys like me, have no business taking all this stuff.

I’m just not a real big supplement guy. And I know TF mentions them in his book and what not and it seems to be the hotness right now.

I also kind of think it’s funny that the PAGG Stack is part of Pareto Nutrition, which I guess is based off the Pareto principle, which TF likes to mention in his books, In which he also talks about being a “Drug Dealer” cause he made his own line of mind supplements or something.

Someone is making some hella loot off  all this…just sayin

Maybe when I shed some more weight and start getting real into it, I’ll get into the supplements, but right now I think my lil multivitamin is enough.

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body
PAGG Stack

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2 Responses to What the PAGG?

  1. Nick Momrik says:

    Same here. One multivitamin is all I need.

    • Thomas says:

      I might hit up the PAGG stack when I hit sub 200 lbs weight, but I feel good as is.

      Which Multi are you taking?

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