Day 4: Another day on the 4HB train

Weighed in today…

214.2 lbs

Up 1.2 lbs from yesterday…oh well it happens.

I got some comments yesterday! From here and my twitter account…nice

First off PAGG Stack tweeted me and said they weren’t affiliated with TF, which is cool. Do your thing PAGG dudes!

I also received a couple of comments in regards to my protein intake in the morning. I’m probably not eating the right amount and I never really thought about it. I was more like “2 eggs, veggies, and beans…that should be enough for bfast.” Especially considering I never really ate bfast before or it was just garbage.

So this is for you commentors!

Boom…Added some ham to my bfast!

Here’s my comment to you guys…Thanks! Shit made my bfast even better! I’m going to add ham and or Canadian bacon to all my morning meals…maybe some sort of good ass sausage too. Any recomendations?

I was also searching around my pantry last night and saw that I had two almost empty bags of lentils chillin in there. So I whipped out my phone and found a quick recipe. Lentil Soup Recipe

Let me tell you this…shit is good!

Here’s a pic of it brewing in the pot

I will say this. Now that I found that one recipe. I will no longer buy the Progesso soup for my lentils. I can make a hella lot more for less AND it’s delish!

I ended up roasting the Chipotle Mojo pork loin last night. Here it is freshly cut.

I’ve never used the Chipotle Mojo before, but now it’s going to be a staple in my cooking arsenal.

This dinner ended up being a real good one. I’m deff going to repeat it sometime.

Chipotle Mojo pork loin
Steamed broccoli with a sprinkle of Tony’s
Lentil soup

That’s all I got for today…Just have to think about what I want for my cheat day tomorrow…I’m going to narf the hell out of something.

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3 Responses to Day 4: Another day on the 4HB train

  1. Man your food looks a whole lot more appetizing then the boring crap I eat!

    • Thomas says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      Ha…The first week my food looked hella boring, then I was like “This needs some flava!” So I hooked it up.

      I think in the future I might add some videos of me cooking it up. You’d be surprised how easy it is.

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