Fridays would be sweeter if work wasn’t involved.

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me.

I got a lot of mentions on the twittersphere and a good amount of hits.

And when I say good amounts it was about 50, which is big for me considering I was only getting a staggered 1 or 2 here and then.

First and foremost…Thanks for checking my lil corner of the interwebs out!

I’ve started a couple blogs before, and didn’t really stick with them. It’s probably because I didn’t have any real direction and was just rambling away (which I do now, kinda).

I was also a contributing editor to Gear Patrol for a little bit which was a sweet gig.

So what happened? Dunno, I guess life did. There was a point where I was getting too much interwebs and just spent a hella a lot of time on it. Even after I read 4HWW and the whole information over load part.

So, I decided to cut back on a lot of it and actually do shit…go skate, SUP board…do something…

Now I’m back at it again…all because I picked up the 4HB and decided I needed to take action in my health and wealth.

I haven’t been posting much in regards to the 4HWW portion that is MyFourHourLife and I think it’s because I haven’t found some niche to per sue.

I ventured on app creation for iPhone and got burned on that. Maybe I’ll write about it when I want to do another app or start reading the 4HWW revision.

I also looked into creating a specialty case for iPhone, but that’s been a pain in the ass.

Here’s what I learned so far…

Find something you can do all yourself for the most part. People are flaky as shit.

If you have to get outside people involved make sure they are vested in it and share your vision. If not, you just end up with a lot of broken promises and one off product that sucks, cause they don’t get it.

I’m still hustling though…I’m gonna make that cheddar…one day

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body
The 4-Hour Workweek
Gear Patrol

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One Response to Fridays would be sweeter if work wasn’t involved.

  1. Suzie says:

    Hey Thomas! I strongly recommend turkey bacon instead of normal bacon. It’s lower in fat and it tastes reeaallllllyyy similar. I love Applegate brand specifically :).

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