Day 9: Excerpts from an expert and a Chili recipe

My OG plan for today was to introduce a nice savory chili recipe…Then I saw TF’s new post and was like…damn…that’s what I was going for.

Either way if you haven’t gotten a chance to read it. Check it out here.

I’m no culinary expert, but I’ve been checking peoples tweets in regards to #4HB and slow carb eating and their food looks bland as shit…like deep boiled rubber looking chicken breast….don’t get me wrong, there are other people coming up with delish looking meals…but that’s a select few.

From my experience with various roommates that I’ve had over my life some people just don’t know how to cook…like clueless…

You take some non cooking skills and apply a pretty hard\confusing diet like the slow-carb and you’re going to end up with some bland stuff.

I believe it’s just the nature of the diets golden rule…If you don’t know…don’t eat it…

Well…a majority of people probably don’t know…so they’re left with nada except for boring food.

Where does the expert come in…If you read the above article posted by TF, he mentions Jules Clancy. Read her tips and get on it.

I have a whole cabinet with spices and all types of crap that I’ve collected over time and as I experiment to make the ultimate slow-carb meal, I throw some BAM in there…

And here comes the chili recipe.

Wendy’s Clone chili

I’m a big fan of Wendy’s chili. It’s simple has beans, some veggies, meat, and is pretty tasty.

I’ve tried a lot of chili recipes in search of a simple “scoop into a bowl and heat meal” and this has to be my fav.

Here’s a pic of my crock pot cooking up a batch.

When  it comes down to it, it’s pretty simple. Throw everything in the pot like this (disclaimer: make sure the meat is browned…duh)

Stir it good and let it slow cook for a bit.

If you’re on the fence about cooking up a huge batch before you even know you like it, go to your local Wendys and try it out.

Here are the nutrition facts.

Judging by their ingredients list, there’s some sugar and corn syrups, but if you use the recipe above…it ain’t got none that!

Hit up those tips. Cook some chilli. And don’t forget to add flava to your meals people!

Oh…today’s weigh in…211.6 lbs

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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2 Responses to Day 9: Excerpts from an expert and a Chili recipe

  1. I don’t get all those people who complain about how bland the food is — if you just ask me, they’re either not creative or not trying hard enough.

    If you go to Tim’s site, you can find a slow-carb cookbook link. Mark Sisson from has a primal cookbook which is VERY similar to slowcarb, all ya gotta do is add beans, really (since primal folk are anti legumes)

    Also, doing any Google Search on primal and recipes yields no lack of alterable-with-little-effort results.

    4HB is still in it’s infancy, I’m sure they’ll be no lack of slowcarb blogs in no time …

    • Thomas says:

      In my opinion most people can’t cook.

      Or they’re like those people who show up to American Idol thinking they can sing…


      I’m sure slow-carb will blow up like Miami Beach.

      Hopefully I can be on the blowing up part of that so I can be BALLER. Lol

      I’ve been playing with the idea of a simple cook book…

      Something in the title of “Slow-carb doesn’t have to taste like arse”

      It’s a working title though…

      Thanks for your comment!

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