Day 16: No, and then!

Weight today 209.6 lbs

I know I was battling the 210 monster and even though I weighed in at 209 today, I’m still a lil suspect…

Cause I only really drop what, .04 lbs…which is shit…literally, that’s prob all I had to do to drop that.

It’s going to be a tough battle. I have 14 days to try and get under the 200 lbs mark, so don’t count me out yet.

Now onto something else.

Google just released a recipe search…cool.

You can catch the whole article I read over at WIRED.

I think the sweetest thing about this search capability is that it can serve up dishes based on calories and how much time you want to spend cooking.

Those Google guys think of everything…

Man…my girlfriend cooked up some mojo chicken, with this avocado salsa last night…shit was bomb AND I totally forgot to take a picture of it…Now I have an excuse to ask her cook it again…it’s for the greater good!

There’s not really much on my mind today. Working hard, hustling, shit like that…

I’ve been brewing up some ideas about doing a giveaway.

I know I don’t have thousands of readers or followers on twitter and I am not making any money of this…yet…ha

But…I thought it would be cool to spark some interest and maybe pick up some new readers\followers.

I’m not going to post my ideas yet, cause I don’t want anyone taking my ish…but something is comming…

stay tuned…

Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body


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