Day 17: Slowly but surely

Today’s weight 207.2 lbs

Slowly but surely.

Looks like the 210 lbs beast is losing his battle. Yeah!!!

It’s Friday and tomorrow is effin cheat day and that merits a HELL YEAH!!!

I have one problem though…I really don’t have a craving for anything…except maybe some beers.

How’s errbody coming along with their 4HB goals?

Hitting any walls?

I know I surely damn do and I think that’s probably the hardest part. Not the “dieting’ per say, but those discouraging moments when it looks like you stuck.

I know I’ve probably said this before…I’m a big offender of repeating myself…I’m like an old person telling you that story again.

BUT…in my quest, when I find myself hitting a wall, that’s when I decide to change something up and usually it works.

What am I going to change up for next week?

I’m thinking about going for less fatty meats and stuff. For example…switching the ground beef I use in my chili to ground turkey

Adding more exercise to my week and riding a bike to work 2 out of the 5 days…I only work like 5 miles away.

And now that it’s warming up…I’m thinking about buying a new grill so I can grill…everything

I’m going to take it easy today, but it would be awesome to hear from some peeps. Tell me what you’re craving for your cheat day, shit…hit me up with something cool you found on tumblr…anything

Have a good weekend!

Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body

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4 Responses to Day 17: Slowly but surely

  1. Hey there, congrats on breaking 210…..! I’m trying to definitively break 200 – I think I may have, but my scale is really erratic. I’m on week 2’s cheat day. I think I didn’t lose at all last week, because (1) I enjoyed a bit of a “cheat meal” Wednesday night, (2) I had an apple on Thursday morning, (3) I had strawberry smoothies earlier in the week with corn chips…. so maybe it’s true that those fruits and corn really add up. Today I’m doing cheat day well so that I can focus on strict eating better during the week.

    • Thomas says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      My ultimate goal is to deff get under 200 lbs.

      I’ve had slip ups here and there mid week and what not…I think what does it is multiple slip ups during the week that add up.

      Hang in there and tighten the reins…you’ll deff make it.

  2. Nice work. I’m 5 weeks in and 17lbs down. I’m very strict during the week and drink nearly 2-3 liters of water every day. The weight is coming off more slowly now, but I’ve started to adjust and the diet isn’t all that difficult to follow.

    Best of luck.

    Learnedly Bond

    • Thomas says:

      Same to you! I think I’m going to have to start actually working out to cut weight soon…ha

      Thanks for the reply!

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