Day 21: Flying by

Man, this second 30 days is flying by fast!

Today’s weigh in 208.8 lbs.

I’ve been really busy lately with, work, fixing my Land Cruiser, converting a Craigslist special into a single speed, and all around life, that I haven’t put up a post in a couple days…

So I’m trying to squeeze one out right quick.

This second 30 days has been pretty easy. I don’t know how long you’re supposed to slow carb it for, but I think I’m going to make this my normal diet.

I’ve indulged on my cheat days and even though I enjoy them, sometimes I find myself craving a nice salad or a healthy serving of chili.

Now on my cheat days, I find myself eating slow carb-ish and just cheating with snacking on random stuff.

The best part of my cheat days is downing some fancy brews and by fancy brews I pretty much mean anything that doesn’t have the combination of “light” or “lite” on them.

Now onto a lil recipe action.

The other day I went to Publix and bought a flank steak and a bag of Japanese mixed frozen veggies. I also happened to find a bottle of Tobasco Teriyaki sauce. This sauce was aiiight…I’d probably recommend some other brand of teriyaki sauce though.

Here’s a pic of every thing I used:

I thought I had pics of the rest of the cooking process, but I guess I forgot to take them…oh well.

Basically what I did was cut the steak into strips,
Marinate the strips in a little sauce for about 15 min,
Stir fried the meat then remove from Wok,
Stir fry the veggies,
Then throw the meat back in,
Add some more sauce.

Boom…Easy stir fry…damn I wish I had pics of the finished product…it was deff Yum.

I read somewhere that wordless Wednesdays is a lil thing they do on WordPress…I think I shall partake it tomorrow with pics from my phone…

Now I leave you, with a pic of my new moto bike, this thing is awesome!

Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body

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