Day 30: Final day of Rapid fat-loss 2.0 and more!

Today’s weight 209.8 lbs.

Well today marks the final day of my Rapid fat-los 2.0.

Now let me recap on what’s been going down the past 2 months. When I originally started RFL, I weighed in at about 230 lbs and after that first initial 30 days, I was down to 212 lbs. I went on a little vacay, went crazy diet wise and shot back up to around 220 lbs. I started RFL 2.0 for another 30 days and now I’m down to 209 lbs.

Over the grand theme of things, I have been able to shed a total of about 20 lbs, but comparing my initial after 30 weigh in and today’s I’ve only lost 3 lbs.

Discouraging…not so much and here’s why…

I’ve lost 20 lbs, that’s deff better than gaining.
I feel hella good!
I’ve been able to stick to a diet of sort that satisfies me and I generally like.
I can run again without having the back pains I had back when I was 20 lbs heavier.
In general, I just can’t think of anything negative to feed the fire of discouragement…

Eff you discouragement, I’ll kick you in the balls!

So I was going through some old pics and even though I didn’t take any pic of myself before I started the whole 4HB thing, These pics are pretty much me at 230lbs…

Here’s a little action shot…

So there I am…about 230 lbs…from me looking at the pics of myself, I wouldn’t guess that I’m weighing in at that much, but I am. And even though I’m not like super obese, I could feel it.

From the lil grunting when I would put on my socks, to running up the stairs and feeling like I just ran the 40 and shit.

I’ll probably take some new pics this weekend and check the diff.

To myself I kind of think that I look the same, but I know I’m 20 lbs and I feel more betta.

How you guys feelin?

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body


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