Reversing “Permanent” Injuries…

Last night I whipped out my iPad and decided I would read this chapter because of my lower back thing and injuries in general.

First let me give a brief history of my injuries and what not…

Surgery wise I have had meniscus repair and a torn ACL fixed.

I grew up skateboarding and doing all types of crazy shit that have resulted in stitches, sprains, concussions, and what not.

While in the military, I’ve probably lifted and moved enough heavy shit the wrong way, that I’m surprised I’m not in worse shape.

I’ve been in a couple car accidents, that have left me in neck braces for months and probably jacked me up in ways I don’t even know.

I’ve gone my twenties pretty much walking it all off, but since I’ve hit 30…shit just seems to linger and I get hurt more often.

I got to flipping through the table of contents and was like…maybe I should read this…

The first couple pages in the chapter TF goes through his normal name dropping, numbers, records…yadda yadda…then gets to some good stuff like his four stage approach to fixing injuries.

1. Movement – correcting posture and biomechanics
2. Manipulation – correcting soft-tissue damage or adhesions
3. Medication – pretty much explains its self
4. Mechanical reconstruction – surgery

So basically the 4Ms of injury repair…quote me son…I just made that up!

He gives a bunch of examples of the approaches he took going through the 4Ms, which I’m not going to list, cause they’re in the book.

What I will hit up on are 2 of the “Chosen Few”, because I have either done it…before reading this book or have personally known someone who has done it.

1. Shoe heel removal and Vibram training.

Basically heels and shoes that scrunch you feet up suck by jacking up your posture. Simple fix…wear flat shoes most of the time.

He said switching to Vibrams and barefoot type shoes helped rid his lower back pain.

Here’s my experience. I tweaked my back a long time ago and I was pretty much bed ridden for like a whole weekend…I couldn’t walk and had to piss in a empty milk jug…yeah gross.

After that first tweak, I kept having chronic lower back pains. The docs gave me meds\painkillers which didn’t work and I’m not a fan of taking shit that I don’t feel a result from and I researched a bunch of exercises and stuff to help me out.

I ended up buying some Vibrams to go running in, cause my lower back hurt when I ran or tried to. I can’t really say they helped, but as I later found out…I was pretty much too fat to be running and once I lost some weight running in normal shoes was bearable.

I ended up seeing a chiropractor also…who pretty much got rid of most of my initial back pain in the first session. I always thought chiropractors where “voodoo magic” but I will say that shit worked. I try to go at least once a month. From what I’ve heard from friends, you will encounter some Voodoo-ish chiropractors out there, don’t let that one turn you off…go find a good one.

Now with the flat shoes. I wear flat shoes like 90% of the time. I rock flip-flops, vans, and pretty simple shoes…and I can’t say that wearing these things have cured my lower back…then again it could be the stuff I’m doing that’s causing this…like still skating…

I grew up in Panama, so I pretty much always walk around barefoot…So I’m guessing my feet are pretty close to being in the natural state.

If you wear heels and what not and are having back problems…try the switch…

I’m not throwing my Vibrams in the garbage yet…now that I’m starting to run…I might throw them on AND I was thinking about using them when I go longboarding.

5. Prolotherapy

This is when a mixture of irritants are injected into tendons, ligaments, and inside joints, to inflame them and stimulate repair.

Here’s my story about this. There’s this older guy on my baseball team. I want to say mid 40’s. Last year we got to talking about chiropractors and working out and crap like that. I always joke with him on how he uses “hippy medicines” and what not to cure his old self.

Well…prolotherapy was one of the methods he used to cure his shoulder and elbow. He told all about how it worked and I was like cool…I might try it…and I never did.

Here comes 4HB and TF mentions is and I’m like…damn, home dude used to do that!

The only reason why I mention this guy and prolotherapy is because he’s one of the best pitchers on our team and he’s still hitting bombs…nuff said…

Man…that’s a lot of writing…well that’s all I have to say today peoples…

Today’s weight 210.6 lbs

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body


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