Up a couple of pounds…

Today’s weight 216 lbs


Last night we went to this “Authentic” Italian restaurant for a friend’s birthday.

I was gonna be damned if I was rolling up in there to just eat a salad.

I had some anti-pasta, veal, calamari, and tiramisu with a cup of americano…shit was delish.

I was overly stuffed and so was the gf.

So at this dinner where a couple other 4HBer’s who cheated a lil bit, but nothing to my proportions.

We got to discussing 4HB and the slow-carb thing. The main thing that seemed to stand out to us was how slow carbing has ruined eating…

How cheat days used to be cool, but now when you go to eat something on your cheat day, that’s supposed to be something you crave and uber delish, it ends up tasting like processed crap.

Is this a good thing? Was our bodies so used to eating crap we thought it was good?

It was pretty funny overall…

I don’t know how long your supposed to fully slow carb, but the conclusions we reached was once we met our goal weight we’d just transition onto a good diet, but with more things….like rice or fruit…

My ass has yet to reach my desired weight goal…so I need to lock it up

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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