Staying around 115…

Today’s weight 214.8

Looks like I’m getting up there.

Me and the gial have had a lapse in our healthy eating 4HB lifestyle deal.

We do pretty well when it comes to bfast and dinner, but lunch seems to be the 4HB killer. I was making big batches of chili for the week, but I haven’t done that in a min. So my diet has been hurting.

Weekends seem to be a hard thing also. There’s a lot going on and people are always cooking good shit on the weekend. It’s hard not to pig the eff out.

I think I’ve been slacking for a while now…

I knew I wasn’t going to do the slow carb thing forever, but I should continue it until I reach my goal.

The me 2 months ago, would be kicking my ass.

It’s Monday…I’m rambling…but I do know one thing…getting fat is no bueno

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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