Haven’t weighed myself since day 1 or 2…

Last week my back was jacked and this week my feet are jacked.

I went out to Billy Bowlegs, which is pretty much like Mardi Gras on the water in these parts. Google it, I’m sure there are hell pictures out there.

Anyways, I stepped on an anchor and sliced one foot open and after jumping for my life from a jet ski to a dock, I took a pretty big gash out of the other.

So I have another week of non working out ahead of me…which sucks.

Haven’t really hit up the interwebs on the 4HB, but it seems like it’s died down a bit.

As for the whole 4HWW portion of this 4HL, I’ve been working on a few things. Partnered with my friend to create a website, that probably won’t be the next big thing, but hopefully does something and I’m in the process of designing a iPhone case.

I’ll have more details about that as I get more into it. Right now I’m just pretty much learning as I go.

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