Staying around 115…

Today’s weight 214.8

Looks like I’m getting up there.

Me and the gial have had a lapse in our healthy eating 4HB lifestyle deal.

We do pretty well when it comes to bfast and dinner, but lunch seems to be the 4HB killer. I was making big batches of chili for the week, but I haven’t done that in a min. So my diet has been hurting.

Weekends seem to be a hard thing also. There’s a lot going on and people are always cooking good shit on the weekend. It’s hard not to pig the eff out.

I think I’ve been slacking for a while now…

I knew I wasn’t going to do the slow carb thing forever, but I should continue it until I reach my goal.

The me 2 months ago, would be kicking my ass.

It’s Monday…I’m rambling…but I do know one thing…getting fat is no bueno

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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Up a couple of pounds…

Today’s weight 216 lbs


Last night we went to this “Authentic” Italian restaurant for a friend’s birthday.

I was gonna be damned if I was rolling up in there to just eat a salad.

I had some anti-pasta, veal, calamari, and tiramisu with a cup of americano…shit was delish.

I was overly stuffed and so was the gf.

So at this dinner where a couple other 4HBer’s who cheated a lil bit, but nothing to my proportions.

We got to discussing 4HB and the slow-carb thing. The main thing that seemed to stand out to us was how slow carbing has ruined eating…

How cheat days used to be cool, but now when you go to eat something on your cheat day, that’s supposed to be something you crave and uber delish, it ends up tasting like processed crap.

Is this a good thing? Was our bodies so used to eating crap we thought it was good?

It was pretty funny overall…

I don’t know how long your supposed to fully slow carb, but the conclusions we reached was once we met our goal weight we’d just transition onto a good diet, but with more things….like rice or fruit…

My ass has yet to reach my desired weight goal…so I need to lock it up

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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Four H Beezy

What was up with wordpress yesterday…geez…

Todays weight 213.2 lbs

I have been hella slacking this week when it comes to working out or slow-carbing.

I don’t know what’s going on…My lazy unhealthy self is trying to come back and take over. I’m going to have to reach down for some super 4HB powers to beat that fool down.

I haven’t cracked the book open in a minute, which I probably should, get a refresher and stuff.

One thing I do want to say is that I now know a lot of people partaking in the 4HB lifestyle.

I’ve told some of my friends about the 4HB and surprisingly a lot of them have given it a shot. I can’t really remember any sort of diet\workout I’ve talked to friends about and the next week they were doing it.

The proof is in the pudding (had to throw a cheesy saying in there).

4HB is easy enough to stick to and peeps are having a good time doing it.

When was the last time you heard of people having a Miami Beach dinner night?

That’s what’s going on with 4HB, people are getting together, cooking slow-carb dinners, drinking some vino and doing the damn thing. I mean, I can’t vouch for the world and shit…but I’m seeing it going down where I live, so why wouldn’t it be going down elsewhere.

Hat’s off to TF for putting together a sweet book.

If not for it’s content, but for bringing people together and helping us all become mo’ healthy.

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body



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Howdy Ho

Today’s weight 212.2 lbs

I finally went out and bought some more groceries.

Man it’s easy to get off track when you don’t have the good stuff to eat.

I had a friend come in town from Nashville, so we did a lot of drinking and eating out this weekend, which threw my diet off.

I’ll tell you what…my stomach does not agree with eating crappy anymore. I had bubble guts Sunday and Monday.

This morning I unlazied myself and cooked up some eggs, ham, and ate some curry lentils…it was delish.

Since I didn’t run yesterday, I’m going to try and go today. I also need to get a hold of that Yoga for Surfers DVD so I can try it out.

Let me ask you guys this…Since switching to low carb and\or eating better…is your fridge filled to the max?

Damn…I used to open my fridge and it was a barren landscape, except of the 100+ condiments, beers, and old milk. Now it’s filled to the brim with all kinds of shit…geez.

I updated my iPhone to 4.3.1 yesterday and jailbroke it, only to find out Qtweeter is no longer available…effin annoying. If you don’t know what that is google it up.

I was using it to update my twitter and facebook accounts…now I’m just assed out I guess…I’ll have to do it the old school way one at a time.

Anyone have any good iPhone app recommendations for updating various accounts at once?

I was also thinking about adding a bit more content to this blog. I mean it’s mainly about 4HB, but I also want to maybe add some reviews and write about things\gear\gadgets I think are cool.

Get at me with what ya’ll think!

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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Is it Friday yet?

I’ve been hella lazy this week.

Haven’t been weighing in. Been cheating a lil bit here and there. It’s time for a reboot or something.

I don’t know if I’m just a little tired from staying up late last night, but I’m feeling a little burnt out.

I def want to get under 200 lbs, so I’m going to try and get back on track.

I was thinking about my chronic injuries…lower back pain, pulled hammies, shit like that and I came to the conclusion that the solution to my problems is doing some stretching…

I figured it’s all connected so I need to do something…

Being adventurous, I hit up some Yoga videos off Netflix and noticed that I can barley even sit Indian style with being like…gah

Now that’s bad…I am un-flexible as shit and being all tight like that is no bueno.

So I’m going to venture into Yoga\Tai Chi\Something…

Anyone have any good suggestions? I think I’m going to try Yoga for Surfers…my friend said it was a good lil video.

I have a feeling this is going to be a good thing…

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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Wordless Wednesday


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Sucker huh…?

I went a saw Sucker Punch this weekend…man what a disappointment.

Here I am thinking…Hot chicks in leggings and sexy armor, machine guns, ninja swords, giant samurai, ninja shit, steam punk, explosions…yeah…

Well the previews were deff misleading…all that action was a lil part of the movie.

I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I was definitely like WTF…

Now onto other things…Slow-carbing has deff gotten harder lately. You deff have to have a stocked fridge to make things easier. Once you seem to be running out on slow-carb supplies, it gets easier to cheat and just eat random crap.

I’m lucky to have a awesome GF who’s all about eating right and she’s been hooking it up with tasty meals…but when she’s not around I find myself eying the ramen or thinking about making a quick fast food run.

Today’s weigh in 212.6 lbs.

Breaking 200 lbs is going to be hard. Injuries suck and I’m going to have to walk it off and step my game up.

Tim Ferriss
The 4-Hour Body

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